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I do colourful, figurative art.

My works often have a reference into art itself and reflects on art and life itself by creating new contexts. Many of the elements I use I seek among the absolute opposites in visual arts.

Often I embed what happens around us. I tell stories - or provide the viewer a 'mirror' for self-recognition.

To create, learn and explore gives me a flow and drives my enthusiasm for visual art.
My fascination for experimenting with materials, styles and techniques is evident - and I'm excited about contrasts and humor.

I was born and raised in central Jutland. After my study in International Management (Economics & Languages) at Aarhus Business School, I moved to Germany (1992) and worked in marketing and sales in various functions. 2008 I moved to Denmark and started studying art. Soon it became obvious that doing art was far more than just a hobby and I have been working with art since 2009. Summer 2014 I moved to Switzerland. 

For shorter or longer periods of time I have received tuition at 'Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholts Frederiksbergske Kunstskole', 'Kunstskolen Spektrum', 'Mads Rye' as well as at 'Kunstskolen Ignatius.dk'. 

From January 2010 till summer 2013 I taught 'Art in a Fun and Funky Way' at Copenhagen International School. 

Summer 2011, 2012 & 2013 I did two-days 'Creative Kids Workshop' at the private Art School Ignatius.dk for children aged 7-12. 

Summer 2013 I led the Creative Summer School at Copenhagen International School. 

Karen Møller Offermanns


Mobile: +41 (0)79 962 16 57

E-mail: kunst@offermanns.dk or offermaenner@yahoo.DE

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